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Gamemaster: Dan Forrest

Current characters:
  • Etam Hilsed of the Broad Axe – Dwarf Fighter-4 Rogue-2
    Player: Kevin Block-Schwenk
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Coolest item: Amulet of Natural Armor +4.
    • 1.Etam’s clan fought alongside the Silverheel gnomes in Ancient times.

  • Magnolia (Maggie) Proudfoot – Halfling Druid 6
    Player: Debbie Block-Schwenk
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Coolest item: Her dignity. Damn drow robbed her blind!
    • 1. Maggie has gone down in combat three times, without actually dying.
    • 2. She has added some plants to the outside of the theater that the team has made into a base and has secret plans to convert it into an animal shelter.

  • Mirlos Reed – Human Warmage 6
    Player: Karl von Laudermann
    Alignment: Best guess: somewhere on the Neutral-Chaotic Good axis.
    Coolest item: Lots of lots of gold pieces, which the party sometimes temporarily mooches. And his +2 studded leather armor makes him look manly & roguish.
    Trivia: Mirlos always has a huge grin on his face for at least 20 minutes after casting Fire Burst

  • Muktock – Human Draconic Shaman 6
    Player: Jaime Garmendia
    Alignment: Best guess: Neutral Good
    Coolest item: Ancestral spear, enchanted to +1 Undead Bane.
    Trivia: Muktock was captured by orcs and was rescued by the party…sadly without most of his gear.

  • Former Party Members* (a.k.a. one of our key sources of loot):
  • Mahthan the halfling fighter – ate poisonous mushrooms (level 2) Unlike the other deaths, this one was due to the player leaving the game.
  • Durok the dwarf sorcerer – eaten by some weird enveloping monster (level 2).
  • Javoc the orc fighter – devoured by ghouls (level 4)
  • Ricard the human beguiler – hacked to bits by orcs (level 5)
  • Gnu’qirk Silverheel the gnome paladin – retired from the party to become Headmaster of the Clockwork Academy (level 6)

Also, Gnu’qirk lost 2 riding dogs (Cassius—panicked, cornered, and killed by zombies (level 3) and Cicero, died fighting elite Kobolds (level 4).) and Maggie lost 2 animal companions: Speckle the riding dog, who was Maggie at the time..sort of (level 5)), and Sheela (Captured and killed by dark elves at the Bleak Theater, level 6)). After losing the second dog, Maggie swore off animal companions and took the Fire domain instead.

Major Items Owned Collectively by the Party:
    • Pebble of Sylvanus (Probably worth more than everything else we own combined.)
    • Deed to a theater in Melvaunt, which has been refurbished to be useful as a base (2000 gp), plus an additional 1000 gp toward its potential as a theater.
    • Bottle of Air
    • Assorted healing sticks and identify wand

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