Heroes of Moonsea

Maggie's Log, Entry 8

Much has happened since the last time.

In Melvaunt, we destroyed some horrible monsters who took on human appearance and were preying on city residents—not that any reward will be forthcoming. We also rescued a dozen more tattooed slaves from beneath the temple of Pain. I really have no idea why humans allow temples like this in their cities. They always seem to have some ugly underside, as if their main function were not bad enough!

We used the Pepple of Sylvanus to remove the tattoos and brought them somewhere safe. Then we went and found the tomb, or at least A tomb, of Vorbix! The obsidian obelisk I had been carrying my entire adventuring career worked perfectly as a key to enter the tomb. We never did find the body, but we did find Vorbix’s hammer! Etam is annoyed that it doesn’t swing better or hit harder than his flail, but my own guess is that Vorbix was a wizard who carried a warhammer for show…particularly as Etam had a vision of Bartholomew Magnostiumspew as Vorbix. Besides, if Vorbix were a fighter, why would he have the warhammer endowed with automatic proficiency?

So where we were, all ready to head back to Melvaunt and catch a ship across the Moonsea to follow Muktock’s father and Blacklebuck when we get teleported back to Castle Whiterock.

Someone hates us.

Now we’re 40 feet below the Clockwork Academy, in a level filled with horrible subspecies of ants, rats, and Troglodytes which make the regular ones look like toy poodles compared to Rottweilers.

Previously in this place we had a mission: to rescue slaves, to help Gnu find the Clockwork Academy and get into his god’s good graces, to recover the Pebble of Sylvanus. Now we just want to get out with our lives as we watch our last healing wand get used up charge by charge.

At least I figured out how to summon creatures here; it’s a bit embarrassing I didn’t realize the trick before, as it’s SO EASY! Thanks, Vorbix!

Maggie's Log, Entry 7

Success! I’m writing this in Melvaunt.

We located the Clockwork Academy, and after too much running around Gnu’qirk was installed as Headmaster. He parted ways with us-I miss him, but will see him again soon! We picked up a new companion-a dwarf who’s very good at opening things, and at standing there without doing anything.

Once Gnu’qirk was all set we went under the lake to help the Nixies, defeating some nasties including Trosk, an ogre who sort of killed me again-don’t ask-but we recovered the Pebble of Sylvanus.

One last stop in Cyllimar—doing some good business with Lord Albrecht, whose axebeak I helped, and we headed back to Melvaunt. Nearly killed by some shadows, but we made it.

Now we’ve returned to Melvaunt, and the nasty city has gotten even nastier. Why does everyone hate us?

Maggie's Log, Entry 6

Well, that sucked.

Our task was to find the Bleak Theater, where many captured slaves were reportedly held. Well we found it alright…and we were totally outclassed! We were quickly cut down and captured by drow (except for Gnu, who skeedattled around the time Mirlose and I went down, to the great displeasure of both the evil slavers and his god—until now I never thought it possible to anger both at once!)

They put those horrible slave tattoos on us (another mystery solved the painful way!); robbed us blind (When I think of all my effort to scribe now-stolen scrolls I want to throw up.); and, worst of all, murdered my faithful dog companion!

Then, for some reason I can’t understand, they set us free, dumping us outside Castle Whiterock.

Meeting up with Gnu’qirk again, we tried to rescue the Priestess of Tier, whom I had seen taken by slavers. (How did they capture her, anyhow? Cyllimar may be in deep trouble!) No luck there, but we did get to slaughter many orc slavers. Most fun of all, I brought in an improved dire wolf, who ripped apart one of those dark elves and his unnatural, hideous spider companion! That one’s for you, Sheela!

Gnu was making noises about needing to find the gnomish Clockwork Academy, so down we went. We fought some more trogs, and fought some sort of half-dragon priest with spider swarm zombies or whatever those awful things were-we nearly killed ourselves with our own healing potions too! But we won, thanks mostly to Mirlose dropping rocks on everything he could see. Now we go back to Drugilla’s tower to rest-without the Pebble of Sylvanus (which the dark elves threw in a lake, right near a dragon turtle of course…) I see much more frequent rest stops…

Let us hope for better fortune in the upcoming days!

Maggie's Log, Entry 5

Back in Castle Whiterock, we defeated numerous orcs and others, finally defeating a orc-giant sorceress Druella, and the cloud giant skeleton. Several of us narrowly escaped death, but miraculously we all stayed alive!

Then back to Cyllimar. My companions were grumbling that they finally figured out the reason why we couldn’t say in this good, pleasant place rather than in dirty Melvaunt: people here are poor, and can not afford to pay for our finer items, nor is there much in the way of good magic items to purchase. That doesn’t bother me, but I’d best keep the others happy. We did send Muktock’s ancestral spear to be enchanted to kill Undead, which will be helpful.

Although we have found some good items (Gnu’qirk has been grinning for days since he claimed that Crown of Leadership), and had some fun helping a Nixie (Well, except for Mirlose, who lost patience, ran forward, and nearly became crayfish carrion.) we sadly found no further evidence of the missing nobles, nor of the Bleak Theater, although there were orcish tracks in the mines, and the bodies were missing. And yet below is nothing but old caverns and large, nasty (in both senses) troglodytes—so far, anyway.

Perhaps we missed a secret door which leads to another section of Castle Whiterock? None of us relishes having to search the entire area 5 feet at a time, but perhaps we should walk through the upper levels with more care. Something does not feel right…

Maggie's Log, Entry 4

I am writing this while heading to Castle Whiterock. For the third time. Too bad those cart rails we found in the mining tunnels don’t extend all the way back to Cillimar. I’m starting to recognize every tree and burrow along the way…

The dragon frenzy dispersed, and we made it safely back to Cillimar. The slaves were happily reunited with their families. Sadly, despite the messages we sent, the slavers were either lucky or had their own means of communication (the elf lady who ran off?) and skipped town before we arrived.

Cillimar also endured its own dragon attack, simultaneous to ours. So perhaps it was not us after all who lured the dragons.

In Cillimar, I got some pretty armor made from the hide of the dragon, meanwhile losing some gold in a card game with a rather rude halfling. With my armor complete, we returned and rescued the rest of the slaves in the mines including Findle, a hopeful convert to Gnu’qirk’s Silverheel Clan. Sadly, none of the missing nobles we were looking for were among the slaves, and there was a reference to the slaves being taken to “The Bleak Theater.” Defeating the orcs was almost too easy (I called forth a dire wolf to take down the orc king’s elite…unarmed harem girls), but we did find some stairs leading down…is the Bleak Theater down below? We’ll find out later. Our first job was to ferry the freed slaves, and a poor trollhound which we captured, back to Cillimar for freedom and captivity respectively. I’m not sure I want to deliver any more live animals to that rich creep.

Freeing slaves is a good thing to do, but it’s kind of annoying. They’re loud, they eat a lot, and you just know they’ll get themselves killed the moment you let them wander off.

Maggie's Log, Entry 3

A quick update: as I write, I am one of many who is hiding in a barn, hoping to escape the attention of scores of dragons in a violent free-for-all battle above us! I saw good dragons tearing each other apart, and nearly just died after we were attacked by a young green dragon! (Thank Sheila we have not yet been attacked by anything larger, and that we had Mirlose with us!) We had heard of dragons waking up and wreaking havoc, and Mirlose said that the Weave of magic was fraying where we are—and didn’t the castle, which has 3 towers, used to only have 2? These must be related somehow.

Several days ago we left Cyllimar for the ruins of Castle Whiterock, expecting first to greet the “monks” who were exploring it. It turns out that these “monks” were actually the illegal slaver ring, and were selling slaves to orcs (I hate orcs—dangerous!) who infest the ruins below. We defeated the slavers, and a number of orcs, and I’m proud to say that we liberated 27 slaves and are escorting them back to Cyllimar. Muktock has been wonderful at keeping these people calm, even when attacked by monsters which terrified me. (That’s all I’m going to say about that!) So far the only fatality has been Hugin, a human who knew Muktock’s clan, who charged the green dragon and was shredded. I also had birds carry a couple of Messages to the priest of Tier, informing him of who the slavers in Cyllimar were so that they can be arrested.

Were we simply unlucky that we ended up below such a battle of dragons, or is this not coincidence, but perhaps caused by us…maybe that teleportation stone we carry, the rediscovery of the Silverheel teleportation room, or some god showing disfavor? (Perhaps Sylvanus resents us using his artifact?) So many questions! I only hope we can make it to Cyllimar with everyone alive, and that, if we have a part to play in keeping the world together, that the means to do so become more clear!

Maggie's Log - Update

I found my new doggie! A beautiful (If motley-colored and slightly too-large teeth is your thing) female, whose name is Sheela, after the Green Sister Sheela Peryroyal, who brought us together.

Also did some proper redecorating around our theater home. Got some nice plants, which should fill the place in well.

Clearing out that warehouse and collecting the cursed items was remarkably…brief. We found a clue: “J.S.” wanted the items collected (by some unfortunate adventurer), and said to meet him “at the temple.” Weird. We turned the note, and the cursed weapons/armor (created by Theodorus for the Red Wizards, and using the same strange symbol as seen on the tattoos) with Blacklebuck.

Gnu’qurk is an idiot, in that slightly endearing but mostly annoying Lawful Good Paladin sort of way. He’s so eager to find out about that Pebble that he blabbed about it to Theororus and Bartholomew, who now want to rob kill us, even though we’re nominally working for them. And how come he’s constantly trying to borrow money when he’s richer than any of us?

We then made our way to Cyllimar, only the town we thought was Cyllamar was actually called Bone Hollow. Muktock, who apparently provides the intelligence our party has been lacking all this time, pointed out that this means our previously-assumed locations of the Tomb of Vorbix, made relative to Cyllimar, were wrong, and now that we know his actual tomb after all, we might go over old clues and find it after all!

Cyllimar seems a decent place. They have shrines to every god I’ve ever heard of, and some I have not. I’m writing this in the Slumbering Drake Inn, while Gnu chats with another gnome (He always gets so excited to see another gnome, poor guy must be lonely.) The wine is good, and I swear the pseudo dragon purred extra loudly when I rubbed its belly.

Maggie's Log
Our previous adventures

[Note: A couple- Maggie’s Log

Gnu’quirk and I met Durak the dwarf sorcerer (Never seen one of those before!). We were hired by a Halfling merchant named Blacklebuck who sent us with a human rogue Forgia Chase to stop illegal slave trading by Corwin Jaffe. We broke into Jaffe’s tavern and freed the slaves. The tavern burned down, but Corwin escaped. The slaves had a strange, magical snakelike tattoo. Gnu’quirk took a ring of 100 keys which belonged to Corwin; he still has them as far as I know.

Blacklebuck hired us again, this time to steal documents from bandits. Gnu’qirk was almost eaten by a 2-headed ogre, and later Durak was almost eaten by an undead ogre; he ended up being tossed into prison. The bandit camp was distracted by a possible orc attack, and we brought Blacklebuck the documents. We also found a strange obelisk—it makes me more resitant to poisons, diseases and such, and may have another power—the key to the tomb of Vorbix, perhaps.

Mung, the orc meat-pie seller, asked us to help the ratcatchers guild, which was plagued by wererats. We were joined by Mahthan, a Halfling fighter who can ride circles around poor Gnu’qirk. We killed the wererats (An awfully messy job when you lack silver weapons!), who were working with a gang “the Scarred Shadows” and freed guildmaster Westin. Gnu’qirk got a magic weapon and I got bit. I feel itchy…

Blacklebuck hired us to investigate murders in Ashmede (the slum area) associated with a strange magical disorientation field. People were going crazy around the area of an old theater, including Igar, the half-goblin son of Dilly, the mycologist. It had some strange sort of undead jester in it, which Durak defeated in a battle of wits. (A dwarf winning a battle of wits? Now I’ve seen everything!) We got the deed to the theater, but it’s not worth anything…yet. We also met a strange individual with green glowing eyes, Damar, who asked for our help in the search of the tomb of Vorbix. Damar says he wants to prove that Vorbix was the first king of Thar.

We went to the watchpost, in the hope it would find information of the tomb of Vorbix. We found a useful map on a mural, and learned that Vorbix had a powerful hammer. Sadly, Durak got eaten by a horrible flying thing which nearly killed Gnu’qirk and I, and to compound the tragedy, Mahthan ate a poison mushroom and died while we were exploring the watchtower.

We found two new companions: Javoc, a huge, intimidating (but strangely fragile) org, and Ricard, who…well actually I’m not sure what he does, but he seems likeable enough and useful in a pinch. We went with Javoc, who was hired by Lord Aubrek to retrieve his locked box from a derelict ship, finding it while on the dwarf ship “Soul of Winter,” captained by camptain Wolgar. We retrieved the box (Go Javoc!), but then a horrible kraken came out of nowhere and sank the ship before we could investigate much else on the boat, and poor Gnu’qirk had to strip off his armor or sink like a stone, so we lost more than we were paid. Boo!

We were sent to Galehaven to meet Haradil (friend of Ricard), to retrieve the body of her deceased uncle Kai. We did so, from some weird troglodyte cult with body grafts. We had to get out before any of us could levitate up to the treasure room and open it with the hand of Sae-Taz. (Note to self: must return to Galehaven sometime soon!) Kai’s journal mentioned more about the tomb of Vorbix.

While in Galehaven, were were hired by the half-orc wizard Bartholomew Magnostiumspew to deliver a strange pentagonal magical component to Theodorus. On the way back, it was grabbed by an imp, and we had to fight our way through a cave of goblins, Nigla, the goblin priest who had captured the imp Hazrak against its will, and a terrifying undead dragon. (I thought we were goners!)

Back in Melvaunt we were asked to find out more about the tattoos, delivered the artifact to eldritch artisan Theodorus Stormblood (That was surprisingly difficult!), who told us that his female dwarf friend Laura was getting him to do experiments—with sigil resembling the tattoos on slaves. Gemel Ganza has something to do with it too—cursed? The sigil is on 4 weapons, and has something to do with the “Red Wizards.” Huh.

We went north with Damar to Sylamar at the northern tip of the Thar, where we each checked out a possible lead on the tomb of Vorbix. We found an ancient keep of the Silver Heel gnome clan, but the gnomes there had been corrupted by a huge (evil?) magical crystal into…something else. Gnu’qirk was captured, and apparently adopted by the clan, as his eyes are all dialated and he changed his name to Gnu’qirk Silverheel. We also rescued the son the innkeeper (Snorr Inn). While there, we saw a moving visual story of the history of the area, which indicated a new location for the Tomb of Vorbix.

From there we went to the new location of the tomb of Vorbix. On the way, killing a horrible bugbear who had been tormenting this poor family in an all-but-deserted inn, including an apparently possessed girl—babbling in Infernal about the hordes of Grumsh (an Orcish god)! Sadly, helping her is beyond any of us. The “tomb of Vorbix” turned out to be a fake, complete with an undead troll (Scary!). At least it had some nice stuff, as well as a ruined but restorable writing on the walls which might yield a further clue.

Back to Melvaunt we learned about the sons of nobility gone missing. Blacklebuck has a lead on the sigil. Also, a warehouse had a curse that needs to be removed. Constable Riven is worried about murders in Ashmede. We gave priority to rescuing the noble son of Worsten Nanther, as when such a powerful man demands task an intelligent person does not put it off! Members of all of the major families were missing—it looks like they may have formed an adventuring party, and were looking for a hidden chamber in some orc ruins 2 days north. We found the orc ruins, but no chamber, and the nobles themselves were captured by orcs.

We followed, slaying some belligerent orcs who worshipped Grumsh and spoke of the reconstruction of “Xul Jarak” and the upcoming conquests of “Warlord Thrul”. Javoc went to report of the orc clan., but lost the trail. We went to Glister in the hope of reestablishing the trail or catching rumor of the nobility. We met Javoc. The locals, including the evil but seemingly benign priests of “Frostmaiden Orral” were all yelling to “Kill Bargle,” apparently a very destructive, evil trickster wizard. Khoire the female ostomancer asked us to collect 50 teeth, each from a different living (how annoying) kobold. Lacking information on the nobles, and frustrated, we decided to go after this Bargle, though Gnu’quik insists he not die unless he is confirmed to be evil. (Paladins…) This keep is tougher than we thought, and I need to make a run, alone, back to Glister to purchase another healing stick (and identify a few items while I’m at it.)

In Glister, we learned of an evil wizard named Bargle, who had been tormenting the town. Not killing people, but destroying property, breaking fences, spoiling stew, and other mischief. Lacking anything better to do, we took upon ourselves the dangerous task of killing, subduing, or exiling Bargle. Bargle had teamed up with kobolds, some of whom were far tougher than I’d heard kobolds were supposed to be. Javoc was torn apart by ghouls, and I feel terrible that I was too small and weak to drag him to safety! Fortunately, we soon thereafter met a human warmage named Meirlos, who’s great at blasting things. Eventually we met Bargle and killed him, only it wasn’t Bargle but a doppelganger! Several dopplegangers later, with us nearly spent, we met the real Bargle, who had us for breakfast. Ricard and I were captured, while Gnu and Meirlos escaped. At least we found the Pebble of Sylvanus (an elf god), an interesting artifact which provides healing and even (we discovered later) restores spells! Hopefully it won’t run out of charges or turn us all into mushrooms anytime soon.

I thought Bargle was going to kill us, but instead he let us go. Only not exactly. He had somehow moved my mind to Speckle, who then took the form of a large wererat, though I was unaware that he had done this. It’s awfully confusing. All I know is that the rest of the world seemed to move slowly, but I kept feeling the urge to run and hide. There was also something wrong with Ricard. But before we could find out much about what Bargle had done to us, we found out that the noble scions had been taken by the orcs to a tower (name?) in the wilderness, where they were to be sacrificed as part of a ceremony to crown Thrul the new orc king, enabling him to unite the orc tribes and wage war on human lands!

Initially our foray into the keep was a disaster! Ricard was hacked to pieces by orcs almost immediately. We rescued a strange human named Muktock, but soon after we ended up surrounded, and when I emerged to fight the orc lieutenant killed me with two swings of his halberd! Only, rather than go to the afterlife, I felt strangely “full,” as though my soul was back in my body. Only I was manacled in the orcish citadel, with Bargle giving me the strangest look and laughing. Some hours later, he handed me off to a couple of humans from Zentar keep, who were themselves killed by my surviving companions and I was back as with the team as a proper Halfling (27 days out of 28, anyway)! Once I was back in my real form, things went much better: between teamwork, stealth, some luck and me summoning a dire wolf (Fine, fine, Gnu’qirk was right about the dire wolves…), we managed to rescue four of the five noble scions and escape through an underground tunnel, though they lost all of their equipment (and I lost much of my own). The rescued scions are Argens Brul (paladin), Calman Laragon (sorcerer), Laura Cauladra (half-elf wizard), and Oriole Nanther (ranger). The one who was sacrificed was a cleric named **. Fortunately, his family does not seem to hold a grudge. Returning to Melvaunt, we were richly rewarded! Hooray! Muktock appears to want to stick around and join us. He seems useful, at least compared to Ricard, so I don’t mind. I wonder how long he’ll live…?

Gnu’qirk is making me write down that in the citadel were pictures of Silverheel gnomes made slaves by orcs bearing the mark of a white talon.

Our current plan is to investigate a warehouse which is connected to the slaves with the odd tattoo markings. Next, we will return to Sylamar, both as part of a favor for Bartholomew Magnostiumspew and Theodorus, who wish to test some sort of teleportation device, and for Shadwinks, who told rumors of a “Clockwork Academy” run by the Silverheels, and asked us to look for a vessel for transportation called “The Incomprehensible One.” We are to make contact with “Ablebrow,” a gnome who runs the Inn of the Slumbering Drake.

After I find a new animal companion. I still miss Speckle!

Misc. info:

Party contacts: Maggie: Dilly the Micologist (Melvaunt) Gnu’qirk: Sharndar Lyrantar (Melvaunt), and Constable Riven (Melvaunt) though he doesn’t like Gnu’qirk much and is very cranky), also (informally) Shadwinks a gnome who runs the “Boat Out of Water Library and Inn” in Glister and is interested in history (including the Silverheels). Muktock: None at the moment, though the noble scions are no doubt fond of him, esp. Argens Brul, whom he presented with the magic halberd. Meirlos: None at the moment.

Other people/groups of note: Glister: Shadwinks the gnome innkeeper, “Boat Out of Water Library and Inn” – interested in history, and boats. Khoire: Human female ostomancer. Wanted us to collect 50 kobold teeth, but was uninterested in the 36 teeth we did get. High Temple of Frostmaiden Orral. They’re evil, but pacifists…weird. Melvaunt:

Melvaunt: Blacklebuck – Halfling tradesman who has hired us to help free slaves, among other errands Temple of Leviatar – evil goddess of pain, sells pain potions. Temple of Lyra – Sharndar Lyrantar is the high priestess; she’s a friend (and contact) of Gnu’qirk, and treated my Lycanthropy, sort of… Temple of Oghma – God of knowledge; we made a pact for their priests, “the Namers” to restore the writing in that fake “tomb of Vorbix.” And to share info with us. Oghma and Lyra are enemies.

In other news: The dragons are waking up. They destroyed the city of Blackmoon! A dragon cult is appearing. Helmuth Brule may know more details. More dragon attacks; a bounty is placed on kobolds. Dragons destroyed some order of monks.

Although we distrupted the ceremony of the Orc warlord Thrul, we don’t know to what extent that prevented his being crowned king, nor the chance that the orcs will wage war on humans. We personally are likely to have many enemies if the orcs find out it was us (and they probably will).

Deceased Party Members: Mahthan the Halfling fighter – ate poisonous mushrooms Durok the dwarf sorcerer – eaten by some weird enveloping monster. Javoc the orc fighter – devoured by ghouls Ricard the Human Beguiler – hacked to bits by orcs Also, Gnu’qirk lost 2 riding dogs (Cassius—panicked, cornered, and killed by zombies and Cicero, died fighting elite Kobolds.) and Maggie lost 1 animal companion (Speckle, who was Maggie at the time..sort of.)

Other notes: the first session was in January, 2007, though we didn’t play regularly until August, 2007 (after “Iron Wind and the Fleshies” wrapped).

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