Heroes of Moonsea

Maggie's Log, Entry 3

A quick update: as I write, I am one of many who is hiding in a barn, hoping to escape the attention of scores of dragons in a violent free-for-all battle above us! I saw good dragons tearing each other apart, and nearly just died after we were attacked by a young green dragon! (Thank Sheila we have not yet been attacked by anything larger, and that we had Mirlose with us!) We had heard of dragons waking up and wreaking havoc, and Mirlose said that the Weave of magic was fraying where we are—and didn’t the castle, which has 3 towers, used to only have 2? These must be related somehow.

Several days ago we left Cyllimar for the ruins of Castle Whiterock, expecting first to greet the “monks” who were exploring it. It turns out that these “monks” were actually the illegal slaver ring, and were selling slaves to orcs (I hate orcs—dangerous!) who infest the ruins below. We defeated the slavers, and a number of orcs, and I’m proud to say that we liberated 27 slaves and are escorting them back to Cyllimar. Muktock has been wonderful at keeping these people calm, even when attacked by monsters which terrified me. (That’s all I’m going to say about that!) So far the only fatality has been Hugin, a human who knew Muktock’s clan, who charged the green dragon and was shredded. I also had birds carry a couple of Messages to the priest of Tier, informing him of who the slavers in Cyllimar were so that they can be arrested.

Were we simply unlucky that we ended up below such a battle of dragons, or is this not coincidence, but perhaps caused by us…maybe that teleportation stone we carry, the rediscovery of the Silverheel teleportation room, or some god showing disfavor? (Perhaps Sylvanus resents us using his artifact?) So many questions! I only hope we can make it to Cyllimar with everyone alive, and that, if we have a part to play in keeping the world together, that the means to do so become more clear!



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