Heroes of Moonsea

Maggie's Log, Entry 4

I am writing this while heading to Castle Whiterock. For the third time. Too bad those cart rails we found in the mining tunnels don’t extend all the way back to Cillimar. I’m starting to recognize every tree and burrow along the way…

The dragon frenzy dispersed, and we made it safely back to Cillimar. The slaves were happily reunited with their families. Sadly, despite the messages we sent, the slavers were either lucky or had their own means of communication (the elf lady who ran off?) and skipped town before we arrived.

Cillimar also endured its own dragon attack, simultaneous to ours. So perhaps it was not us after all who lured the dragons.

In Cillimar, I got some pretty armor made from the hide of the dragon, meanwhile losing some gold in a card game with a rather rude halfling. With my armor complete, we returned and rescued the rest of the slaves in the mines including Findle, a hopeful convert to Gnu’qirk’s Silverheel Clan. Sadly, none of the missing nobles we were looking for were among the slaves, and there was a reference to the slaves being taken to “The Bleak Theater.” Defeating the orcs was almost too easy (I called forth a dire wolf to take down the orc king’s elite…unarmed harem girls), but we did find some stairs leading down…is the Bleak Theater down below? We’ll find out later. Our first job was to ferry the freed slaves, and a poor trollhound which we captured, back to Cillimar for freedom and captivity respectively. I’m not sure I want to deliver any more live animals to that rich creep.

Freeing slaves is a good thing to do, but it’s kind of annoying. They’re loud, they eat a lot, and you just know they’ll get themselves killed the moment you let them wander off.



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