Heroes of Moonsea

Maggie's Log, Entry 5

Back in Castle Whiterock, we defeated numerous orcs and others, finally defeating a orc-giant sorceress Druella, and the cloud giant skeleton. Several of us narrowly escaped death, but miraculously we all stayed alive!

Then back to Cyllimar. My companions were grumbling that they finally figured out the reason why we couldn’t say in this good, pleasant place rather than in dirty Melvaunt: people here are poor, and can not afford to pay for our finer items, nor is there much in the way of good magic items to purchase. That doesn’t bother me, but I’d best keep the others happy. We did send Muktock’s ancestral spear to be enchanted to kill Undead, which will be helpful.

Although we have found some good items (Gnu’qirk has been grinning for days since he claimed that Crown of Leadership), and had some fun helping a Nixie (Well, except for Mirlose, who lost patience, ran forward, and nearly became crayfish carrion.) we sadly found no further evidence of the missing nobles, nor of the Bleak Theater, although there were orcish tracks in the mines, and the bodies were missing. And yet below is nothing but old caverns and large, nasty (in both senses) troglodytes—so far, anyway.

Perhaps we missed a secret door which leads to another section of Castle Whiterock? None of us relishes having to search the entire area 5 feet at a time, but perhaps we should walk through the upper levels with more care. Something does not feel right…



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