Heroes of Moonsea

Maggie's Log, Entry 6

Well, that sucked.

Our task was to find the Bleak Theater, where many captured slaves were reportedly held. Well we found it alright…and we were totally outclassed! We were quickly cut down and captured by drow (except for Gnu, who skeedattled around the time Mirlose and I went down, to the great displeasure of both the evil slavers and his god—until now I never thought it possible to anger both at once!)

They put those horrible slave tattoos on us (another mystery solved the painful way!); robbed us blind (When I think of all my effort to scribe now-stolen scrolls I want to throw up.); and, worst of all, murdered my faithful dog companion!

Then, for some reason I can’t understand, they set us free, dumping us outside Castle Whiterock.

Meeting up with Gnu’qirk again, we tried to rescue the Priestess of Tier, whom I had seen taken by slavers. (How did they capture her, anyhow? Cyllimar may be in deep trouble!) No luck there, but we did get to slaughter many orc slavers. Most fun of all, I brought in an improved dire wolf, who ripped apart one of those dark elves and his unnatural, hideous spider companion! That one’s for you, Sheela!

Gnu was making noises about needing to find the gnomish Clockwork Academy, so down we went. We fought some more trogs, and fought some sort of half-dragon priest with spider swarm zombies or whatever those awful things were-we nearly killed ourselves with our own healing potions too! But we won, thanks mostly to Mirlose dropping rocks on everything he could see. Now we go back to Drugilla’s tower to rest-without the Pebble of Sylvanus (which the dark elves threw in a lake, right near a dragon turtle of course…) I see much more frequent rest stops…

Let us hope for better fortune in the upcoming days!



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