Heroes of Moonsea

Maggie's Log, Entry 8

Much has happened since the last time.

In Melvaunt, we destroyed some horrible monsters who took on human appearance and were preying on city residents—not that any reward will be forthcoming. We also rescued a dozen more tattooed slaves from beneath the temple of Pain. I really have no idea why humans allow temples like this in their cities. They always seem to have some ugly underside, as if their main function were not bad enough!

We used the Pepple of Sylvanus to remove the tattoos and brought them somewhere safe. Then we went and found the tomb, or at least A tomb, of Vorbix! The obsidian obelisk I had been carrying my entire adventuring career worked perfectly as a key to enter the tomb. We never did find the body, but we did find Vorbix’s hammer! Etam is annoyed that it doesn’t swing better or hit harder than his flail, but my own guess is that Vorbix was a wizard who carried a warhammer for show…particularly as Etam had a vision of Bartholomew Magnostiumspew as Vorbix. Besides, if Vorbix were a fighter, why would he have the warhammer endowed with automatic proficiency?

So where we were, all ready to head back to Melvaunt and catch a ship across the Moonsea to follow Muktock’s father and Blacklebuck when we get teleported back to Castle Whiterock.

Someone hates us.

Now we’re 40 feet below the Clockwork Academy, in a level filled with horrible subspecies of ants, rats, and Troglodytes which make the regular ones look like toy poodles compared to Rottweilers.

Previously in this place we had a mission: to rescue slaves, to help Gnu find the Clockwork Academy and get into his god’s good graces, to recover the Pebble of Sylvanus. Now we just want to get out with our lives as we watch our last healing wand get used up charge by charge.

At least I figured out how to summon creatures here; it’s a bit embarrassing I didn’t realize the trick before, as it’s SO EASY! Thanks, Vorbix!



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