Heroes of Moonsea

Maggie's Log - Update

I found my new doggie! A beautiful (If motley-colored and slightly too-large teeth is your thing) female, whose name is Sheela, after the Green Sister Sheela Peryroyal, who brought us together.

Also did some proper redecorating around our theater home. Got some nice plants, which should fill the place in well.

Clearing out that warehouse and collecting the cursed items was remarkably…brief. We found a clue: “J.S.” wanted the items collected (by some unfortunate adventurer), and said to meet him “at the temple.” Weird. We turned the note, and the cursed weapons/armor (created by Theodorus for the Red Wizards, and using the same strange symbol as seen on the tattoos) with Blacklebuck.

Gnu’qurk is an idiot, in that slightly endearing but mostly annoying Lawful Good Paladin sort of way. He’s so eager to find out about that Pebble that he blabbed about it to Theororus and Bartholomew, who now want to rob kill us, even though we’re nominally working for them. And how come he’s constantly trying to borrow money when he’s richer than any of us?

We then made our way to Cyllimar, only the town we thought was Cyllamar was actually called Bone Hollow. Muktock, who apparently provides the intelligence our party has been lacking all this time, pointed out that this means our previously-assumed locations of the Tomb of Vorbix, made relative to Cyllimar, were wrong, and now that we know his actual tomb after all, we might go over old clues and find it after all!

Cyllimar seems a decent place. They have shrines to every god I’ve ever heard of, and some I have not. I’m writing this in the Slumbering Drake Inn, while Gnu chats with another gnome (He always gets so excited to see another gnome, poor guy must be lonely.) The wine is good, and I swear the pseudo dragon purred extra loudly when I rubbed its belly.


Remembered the name: the town formally known is Cyllamar (and where everyone tries to rip you off!) is called Bone Hollow.

Maggie's Log - Update

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