Various NPCs and Temples, by Location, then alphabetically by first name (if known), followed by profession and a brief description:

    • Leviatar – gooddess of pain (evil)
    • Lyra – Goddess of Pleasure (chaotic neutral(?)) High Priestess Shandar Lyrantar (See below.)
    • Oghma – God of Knowledge (lawful neutral(?)). We’re working with them to find the Tomb of Vorbix Priests are called “the Namers”

    • Albrick, Lord (minor noble) – Ricard worked for him. We rescued a valuable package for him which was on a derelict ship…he may owe us a favor. Also he’s sick—Gnu’qirk should heal him once he can cure disease.
    • Argens Brul, noble scion -Paladin. We rescued him from orcs, and Muktock gave him a +1 halberd.
    • Blacklebuck, employer and merchant – Hired us to help him free the slaves with the odd tattoo. A halfling with a shop containing all sorts of junk.
    • Calman Laragon, noble scion – Sorceror. We rescued him from orcs.
    • Corlin Markov, blacksmith – worked on Gnu’qirk’s armor.
    • Corwin Jaffe, slave trader – owned a tavern as cover for illegally smuggling slaves with the odd tattoo. He appears to have fled town. Gnu’qirk took a keyring of his with 100 keys on it.
    • Damar, adventurer – A ranger (?) with strange green glowing eyes, is looking for the Tomb of Vorbix. We parted ways in a huff after a false lead.
    • Dilly, merchant – a friend of Maggie’s, a micologist who sells mushrooms, has a half-goblin son Igar.
    • Elaint Marche, deceased – Cleric training at the temple of Oghma, boyfriend of Laura Colladra, noble scion. Sacrificed by orcs, though we rescued his 4 friends.
    • Forgia Chase, adventurer – Young female human rogue, evil, works for Blacklebuck.
    • Igar, kid – Half-goblin son of Dilly the Micologist, went a bit nuts from a ghost haunting the theater we now own; we helped him. Cranky.
    • Laura Colladra, noble scion – half-elf wizard with raven familiar. We rescued her from orcs, though were unable to save her cleric boyfriend.
    • Mung, merchant – half-orc who sells cheap but good meat pies. Friends with the ratcatchers guild.
    • Oriole Nanther, noble scion – ranger. We rescued him from orcs. He was cranky at the time.
    • Riven, constable – Works in the poor neighborhood of Ashmeade, helps orphans and is tracking a serial killer. Gnu’qirk has given him money for his mission, but he’s very cranky and doesn’t show much gratitude.
    • Shandar Lyrantar, priestess – a friend of Gnu’qirk. Runs the temple Lyra, goddess of Pleasure. Halfling. Helped Maggie with her Lycanthropy.
    • Theodorus Stormblood, wizard – lives just outside the city. We’re currently working for him to place a teleportation stone, but he wants to steal our Pebble of Sylvanus. He was commissioned by the Red Wizards to create the magic sigil found on the slaves, though does not know what it does.
    • Westin, guildmaster – the head of the (poor) Rat Catchers Guild. We rescued him from wererats.
    • Wolgar, ship captain – Dwarf who commands the dwarf-crewed ship “Soul of Winter.” Does business with Lord Albrick.
    • Worston Nanther, Noble – Gave us a rich (1000pp) reward for rescuing his son Oriole Nanther.

    High Temple of Frostmaiden Orral (Evil, but pacifist).

    • Khoire, Ostomancer – Wants us to collect 50 kobold teeth (1 per living kobold) to help with anti-dragon research. We have 36 teeth at the moment. We borrowed a tooth extractor from her.
    • Shadwinks, innkeeper – a gnome who runs the “Boat Out of Water Library and Inn” in Glister. Friendly with Gnu’qirk, and interested in the Silverheels.

    • Temple of Tyr, God of Justice (Lawful Good).
    • Shrines to nearly every god.
    • Ablebrow – Gnome, friend of Shadwinks (of Glister). Is interested in an ancient Silverheel book “The Kodex Ominomicon,” and the transport device “The Incomprehensible One,” both created by the Silverheels.
    • Lady Chantessa, Innkeeper – owns the Slumbering Drake Inn. Will pay 25 gp per rare book.
    • Cicontha Snake, fortune teller – gave us various prophecies (See prophecies page.)
    • Quintis, wizard – brews potions and wants rare monster parts.
    • Katanya and Findle Glimmer, gem traders – gnome sister and brother, originally from the Sword coast. Former slaves resued by the party; interested in becoming Silverheels.
    • Hugin, deceased – From The Ride, knew Muktock’s father. In the first batch of rescued slaves; killed by a green dragon.
    Castle Whiterock:
    • Nimura Shimmerscale, Nixie, wants us to explore the lake bottom
    • Drucella (deceased) – half-giant orc sorceress; wanted to raise the Cloud Giant King; looking for a White Roc.
    • Bartholomew Magnostiumspew, wizard – friend of Theodorus (Melvaunt), half-orc.
    • Haradil, innkeeper (?) – We returned the body of her uncle Kai from the caves. Though annoyed her by not giving back his magic loot.

    Bone Hollow
    ??? – jerk innkeeper whose son we rescued

    • Several days out of Bone Hollow – we saved Innkeeper Cal Snorr’s from being taunted by some sort of bugbear. His daughter, Pilsa Snorr, babbles in Infernal about the Hordes of Grumsh (an Orc god).
    • Several days north of Glister is an old woman who can cure curses put on by Bargle. (We haven’t met her.)

    • Bargle – he alternates between kicking our asses and saving them. Not to be killed.
    • Theodorus – sort of. See above (Melvaunt).
    • Warlord Thrul – we disrupted his ceremony to be crowned orc king.
    • White Talon Orcs – helped wipe out the Silverheels. Someone in Cyllimar (?) also hates them and offered us a reward to kill their leader.


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