Quests and Missions

Quests and Missions

a.k.a. the “to do list” for the party, in more-or-less declining order of importance, with comments in some places.

  • If possible, find a way to repair “The Weave,” which has been fraying. (But we have no idea how, and it’s likely FAR beyond our capabilities.)
  • Find Muktock’s father and Blacklebuck, who traveled south across the Moonsea.
  • Discover more about the Pebble of Sylvanus. – We need to be discreet, and ultimately may need to go to elf territory south of the Moonsea. [UPDATE] Using a Legend Lore scroll, we found that it was one of three pebbles which were used to fight some Epic, Elf-Devouring Monstrosity, and these pebbles were scattered. We think we know the general locations of the other two. (An island and a southern jungle? Check notes.)
  • Collect 50 kobold teeth, each from a different living kobold, for Ostomancer Khoire of Glister. – [UPDATE] We have the 50 teeth, but still need to get them to Ostomancer Khoire.
  • Break the slaver operation in Cillimar. – Partially done. We need to find the Bleak Theater, and if possible hunt down the owner of Umberwood Coffins and a couple of others, who appear to have left town. [UPDATE] We found the Bleak Theater and got owned.
  • Discover the connection between Vorbix and Bartholomew Magnostiumspew…and are we supposed to help him or stop him?
  • Rescue several prominent individuals from Cillimar: Countess Sophie Ismae, the Genth family, and Apprentice Lyssa. – [UPDATE} The Genth family was annihilated by mutant Troglodytes and their leader “Sohsank” Others have not been found.
  • Remy of Remy’s Maps wants a map to the Golden Palace of Zahadran. In exchange, we’ll get an accurate map of the days of Silverheel expansionism
  • Use the jade flute, harp, and drum to release the trapped elemental (?) spirit…or should we?
  • Bring 3 ancient books per party member to Or’dimisas of the Hall of Worms library in Cillimar to gain permanent membership in the library. – We got membership for Mirlose, plus Gnu’qirk.
  • Possibly help clear out the Necropolis in Cyllimar once Muktock gets his spear…IF we find a lawful way to do it and get at least some loot.
  • Find out what’s up with this celestial short spear we found.
  • Lord Mallac of Cillimar is an eccentric noble who pays good money for live exotic creatures. He particularly wants an inferno tiger and a fissure wasp.
  • Quintus of Cillimar is a wizard who pays good money for organs of exotic creatures.
  • Recover interesting books for the Lady Chantessa. – She offered to buy books at 25 gold pieces each; there’s no particular reason to sell them to her beyond that.
  • Get a working theater. – Dan included this in the list, at cost of 80,000 gold! I (Kevin) still think he’s just trying to get us to flush our gold down the toilet, and that we should just keep using it as a base and leave it at that.

Completed Quests
  • Find the Lost tomb of Vorbix. – Completed? We found his hammer, but not his body.
  • Stop the illegal trade in tattoed slaves in Melvaunt. – Completed? We resued slaves from below the temple of Pain, got them to safety, and used the Pebble of Sylvanus to remove their tattoos.
  • Find the Clockwork Academy in Castle Whiterock. Plus find the Codex Autonomicon and information on “The Incomprehensible Mark 1.” – We found them. A note suggested that the Incomprehensible Mark 1 was taken by Drow who live below the Clockwork Academy.
  • Stop the psycho killer in Melvaunt. – They were these horrible extraplaner creatures that could look like people. We found 3 of them and killed them all.

Failed Quests

  • Set the teleport stone in Castle Whiterock for Theodorus and Bartholomew. – The stone was taken by Drow who were guarding the Bleak Theater. We sent word to T & B, and have been avoiding them.

  • Quests and Missions

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