Heroes of Moonsea

Maggie's Log, Entry 7

Success! I’m writing this in Melvaunt.

We located the Clockwork Academy, and after too much running around Gnu’qirk was installed as Headmaster. He parted ways with us-I miss him, but will see him again soon! We picked up a new companion-a dwarf who’s very good at opening things, and at standing there without doing anything.

Once Gnu’qirk was all set we went under the lake to help the Nixies, defeating some nasties including Trosk, an ogre who sort of killed me again-don’t ask-but we recovered the Pebble of Sylvanus.

One last stop in Cyllimar—doing some good business with Lord Albrecht, whose axebeak I helped, and we headed back to Melvaunt. Nearly killed by some shadows, but we made it.

Now we’ve returned to Melvaunt, and the nasty city has gotten even nastier. Why does everyone hate us?



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